About us

ArcSai is a cutting-edge capital mangement fund created in 2013 with the aim of being an industry changer.

Along with 30 years of trading experience, we deliver bespoke multi-strategy discretionary investment management for private clients including; individuals, corporates and family offices utilising our skills-set in exchange traded and highly liquid instruments, such as exchange traded derivatives and FX.

We believe clients should have control, transparency and opportunity in their investment mangement service.

We utilise a $25bn IEX listed broker/custodian that is SEC/FCA/FINRA registered where client capital is held to ensure peace of mind and security for clients.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics deliver unrivalled capability for clients.

This enables us to trade more markets to enhance profitable opportunities whilst cutting considerable fund overheads through aspects such as automation and low human costs, so making ArcSai the capital management fund of the future – operating today.